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Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an eighty five acre urban park along with Brooklyn waterfront. The place was formerly an inaccessible cargo shipping place owned by the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York.

The layout and design of the park make it successful addition to the neighborhood, creating a wonderful space for active and passive congregation, recreation and rest. Due to its adjacency to housing neighborhoods, entry to varied transportation modes, and its supreme views of the skyline of Manhattan, the Park site presented amazing opportunities. The park spreads along the East River from Jay Street, north of the Manhattan Bridge, to Atlantic Pier/Ave six in the south, and will eventually contain five retrofitted piers linked throughout by the Park Greenways.

The park introduces a range of uses to a previously inaccessible and nonfunctional industrial waterfront. Amenities span from top-intensity sports court and dynamic kids jungle gyms, to flexible-use lawns and peaceful gardens by the water. Gather with a robust schedule of cultural events, fitness classes, and environmental education, the park broad range of amenities and programming permits people to customize their visit to meet their own needs and preference.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is easily accessible by bike, ferry, bus and footpaths, making it simply accessible for domestic residents and distant tourists alike.

This park recreational and play equipment areas were specifically made to accommodate those with physical disabilities. For example, branches have handrails, one of the basketball court specs completely adjustable hoops, play equipment is ramped, and recreational places have at-grade entrances.

The park 9 children playgrounds are designed to host full of life play with natural terrains. The vibration in habitat gives stimulating physical challenges in kids of all ages.

Support infrastructure, like water foundations, bike racks, benches, bottle refilling stations, lighting and tables, contributes to user’s full sense of comfort and safety.

This park green area provide places for individuals or group to gather and find respite from the businesses of the city.

Brooklyn Bridge Park has been successful not just in creating a dynamic play, recreation and relax space for locals, but also in raising a sense of personality for a previously underutilized area. In this sense, this park is very creative – bolstering community identity by making fit activity and recreation accessible, attractive and culturally relevant to a broader population. All park areas are well maintained, simple to use and beautiful – all of which has helped the park become a regional place.

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