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Visiting Ellis Island

The National Museum of Immigration Ellis Island is placed in the key Building of the former immigration station and describes the moving tales of the twelve million immigrants who entered USA through the golden door of Ellis Island.

Statue Cruises is the single company allowed by the National Park Service to give ferry service to this place. Boats leave from Battery Park in NYC and Liberty State Park in New Jersey. It is a location where guests can spend hours to get knowledge about Ellis Island history before, after and during its use as American immigration station. The museum also describes the stories of why lots of people immigrated to USA and what happened of them after they arrived.

This place has become a location where individuals and families celebrate and honor those family members who made the beautiful journey to a new life in USA.

Your visit to Ellis Island can be memorable and wonderful experience. It can also be a pretty confusing, especially since you have to take a ferry boat, go via security, etc, just to get here. Be sure to buy your tickets in advance to promise your chances to experience this national treasure.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Guests may enjoy self-guided trips of the museum, placed in the main building, where they can view photographs, videos, artifacts, prints, oral histories, interactive displays and temporary exhibits.

The Immigrant wall of honor shows the names of 600,000 women and men who passed through Ellis Island on the way to their American home. Descendants of the immigrants paid hundred dollars each to have their relative name located on the wall.

In the immigration history center, visitors can examine passenger logs from the 100s of ships that arrived here between 1892 and 1924. Helpers are on-hand to support you locate the records for which you are searching.

The theater offers a thirty minute theatrical production about the challenges immigration, present and past.

Ellis Island Tickets, ferry service and hours

Immigration Museum Ellis Island is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and is under the care of the National Park service. For many, this island is one of the wonderful historical sites in NYC. Guests can simply spend hours here learning about American immigration history and the diverse roles the island has played since the nations early years. The immigration Museums informs the stories of why so many people chose to come to USA and what became of them after they arrived. When visiting the place, be sure to stop at the immigration Museum information desk to visit with the Save Ellis Volunteer staff.

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