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Trinity Church Review

Ruling the lower Manhattan area from the 19th century until the early 20th century, Trinity Church is famous for its wonderful architecture.

Building the church

The people attending worship of Trinity Episcopal Church is one of the oldest in USA, have been established in 1697 under charter by King William 3. It was designed by the Richard Upjohn and was consecrated on Ascension Day in 1846. Upjohn was famous as a leader of the USA Gothic Revival movement. His wonderful design made Trinity one of the primary and perfect examples of Neo-Gothic architecture in the America.

Upjohn designs were of “top church” style, much unique than many of the old Protestant churches being build in and around the New York.

But Upjohn continued, using heavy bronze front doors and highly structured glass windows, including beautiful towering window over the chancel area which depicts St. Peter, Jesus, St. Mark, St. Matthew, St. Paul, St. Luke, and St. John in a range of bright colors. The rest of the interior conforms to the rubrics of old Gothic architecture as well.

Exterior of the church spire rises to a 281 height and for many years, it was the top point in the city. The face of the Church is decorated with Gothic spires and sharp arches and the outsides linear design provides one the look that everything is pointing upward towards heaven.

Trinity church attractions

Trinity Church, which grips a position on the National Register of Historic locations, is open daily and welcomes guests to come in and view the church or stay for a few moments of respite. The church amazing music program hosted weekly concerts that have long been enjoyed by domestic business people on their lunch hour. Called as “Concerts at One”, guests can get pleasure from a range of musical genres showed in performances by both famous musicians as well as up-end coming artists who attend the city’s lots of music conservatories.

What to see

Trinity 3 big bronze doors were designed by Richard Morris Hunt. The Gothic Revival interior is elegant and light, leading to a rich wall of stained glass behind the altar.

There is a little museum at the end of the left aside showing historical documents, photographs, and other items.

Surrounding the church is a churchyard adding a tribute to martyrs of the American Revolution, Robert Fulton, Alexander Hamilton, Robert Fulton and many more. Lined with branches, this makes a perfect picnic spot on hot days.

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