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Tours Of The Statue Of Liberty

Whenever we hear the name of the NYC, the initial image that comes into the mid is the Statue of Liberty. In the USA, this statue is officially known as Liberty Enlightening the Globe. It is the symbol to honor the centennial of the signing of the USA Declaration of Independence on October 28, 1886. You cannot visit the NYC without taking in this national treasure. As a National Park, it has the advantage of wealth of information accessible online about the park that is helpful for visitors to the park as well as anyone who would like to know more about the Statue of Liberty.


In 1876 the statue was commissioned by the USA in order to commemorate the hundred year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. France gave the status to the America as a gift to recognize the years of friendship between the 2 nations, and the America was liable to pay for the base. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and Frenchmen Auguste Bartholdi were called upon the design the Statue of Liberty and ten years after it was commissioned, on 28 October, 1886, it was dedicated on Ellis Island the entrance to the America.

How to visit a the Statue

An advance purchased ticket is the top way to view the liberty statue. You can obtain tickets on site. Without a ticket you can still visit the grounds surrounding the Statue and view the visitor center on your own. You will, anyway have to buy a ferry ticket out to the island.

Tours of the statue of liberty

There are 2 different trips accessible of the Park and the Statue and both are free of charge. The trips are led by a Park Ranger. The Observatory trip includes the observation deck, the museum, the lobby, a tour of the eleven point star shaped Fort Wood and a view of the copper interior of the statue. The Promenade trip contains everything in the Observatory trip observation deck. Both trips take longer than two hours and they are extremely informative for adults and children as well.

If you are traveling with kids

The Statue of Liberty has a remarkable Junior Ranger program for kids with activities to attract them to learn more about the Statue. For educators and teachers interested in getting more detail for their students about the Statue, there are many resources that can be sent to your school for long-lasting use or on a borrowed basis.

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