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Times Square Visitors Guide

Time Square, the most bustling square of NYC is famous for its many Broadway theatres, electronic billboards and cinemas. It is one of those locations that make the New York a city that never sleeps.


By the end of the 19th century, NYC had expanded up to 42nd streets and the area was becoming the heart of the city social science. In 1904, the NYC built the Times Tower on 43rd just off Broadway to change its downtime premises. The square in front of the building was known as Longacre square, but after that renamed Time Square. The name is now used for the place between sixth and Nineth Avenue and 40th and 53rd street.

Billboards and theater district

At the begin World War One, Times Square was the heart of the Theater region and attracted a big number of guests. This completed the square a perfect location for billboards. In 1917 the first big electric show billboard was fixed. Eleven years later, the primary running automatic sign was lit for the initial time, to declare Herbert Hoover success in the American elections. The commercials have become such a visitor appeal for the place that the zoning now needs the building to be covered with billboards.


For most of its survival Times Square was not much more than a big traffic area, but it is now being remade into a pedestrian family square with big vehicle-free plazas changing much of the tarmac.


Lots of people come to Time Square for the atmosphere and the billboards display, but there are also hundreds of shops and restaurants, in the place including some crowd-pullers such as big Toy R us and Disney store. But time square is top known for its fun, and lots of guests come here to attend a Broadway show. Time Square is also house to ABC Good Morning America and MTV headquarters is broadcast in front of live audience from its office at Broadway.

Paramount Building and Visitors Center

The most popular building at the square is undoubtedly the wonderful Paramount Building. The Building was house to the paramount theater where begins such as Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Frank Sinatra performed in their heyday. Unluckily, the theater was destroyed and the supreme building is now just an office tower.

Another traditional theater, the Embassy Theater, is now the house of Times Square own guests center. Here you can get detail about Broadway and events shows. There is also a little museum that tells the history of Times Square.

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