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Things to Do in Little Italy, New York City

NYC is indeed a melting pot for many cultures. You will find neighborhoods packed with people of various national backgrounds. One of the most famous areas with visitors is Little Italy, where you can experience the smells and sights of the Old Country.

Where is it?

The neighborhood famous as Little Italy is placed in Lower Manhattan, between Houston Streets and Canal and Bowery and Lafayette, bordering Chinatown. The place has long been house to NYC Italian population, including those who came through Ellis Island in search for an excellent life in America.

At the end of the 19th century this place was crowded with more than 41,000 Italians housed in overcrowded tenement homes. Today, big number of peoples still living here is only a little proportion of this digit and much of Little Italy has been captured by the every-growing Chinatown.

Things to do in Little Italy

The Italian American Museum

This is a little museum featuring exhibits on American Italian heritage, culture and history. The building in which it is placed is a former bank, with its own top history. The museum is in the Little Italy heart (the cross streets of Grand St and Mulberry St) it is absolutely value stopping by.

Check out Nolita

A pretty north of Little Italy is Nolita (which exactly stands for North of Little Italy). It is house to St. Patrick Old Cathedral), a lots of fun and amazing shops and top notch restaurants like Rubirosa Ristorante and Parm.

Shop at Di Palo Fine Foods

Di Palo stocked with genuine Italian essentials, cured meals, artisan cheese, snacks, cured meats and much more. Also stop by their wine shop Enoteca Di palo, which is simply the go to location to get special Italian wine in NYC.

John Jovino Gun Shop

The oldest gun shop in NYC, it is also claims to be the oldest in all of USA. Founded in 1911, most of its buyers are in law enforcement. Feel free to browse, but unless you are USA residents, you will have a lot of issue making a purchase.

Alleva Dairy

The oldest cheese shop in USA, since 1892 Alleva Dairy has been an outpost for imported fresh ricotta and mozzarella, Italian cheese, Italian snacks, cured meats including rice balls, prosciutto stuffed and a range of olives. Inside the store are the special tiles and original tin ceiling, as well as very old glass signage.

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