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Things To Do In New York : The Destinations

As you set your trip or travel destination to New York, you’ll definitely need a “things to do” list. New York has been the place of many landmarks and activities. As you get several days to travel New York, make it dense by visiting these following destinations.


Empire State Building is perhaps the trademark of New York, this is the obligated site your should visit. You can enjoy the architectures of the 86 floors building and full view of the never sleeping New York city or simply take a walk to enjoy fair weather around the street.


If you want to enjoy history, American Museum of Natural History should be put on your list. The museum has been one of the most remarkable museum in the world. You can enjoy the exhibition held by the management or the displays which are regularly change to give fresh appearance of the museum.


The remarkable Statue of Liberty is the historical symbol of France’s solidarity and alliance during the French revolution and war of independence. As the time passed, Statue of Liberty represents more than a political symbol but also humanity, universality, and welcoming country. You can enjoy all of those experiences by visiting the landmark, make some notes and picture to memorize them.


Another Museum you can visit is the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Ellis Island is the remarkable place where the immigrants step their foots in the New World. You can access the experience of the struggling and hard times of immigration through video footage, exhibitions, and tours.


If you’re more interested in arts, you can simply visit New York’s Museum of Modern Art. You can enjoy various modern artworks like paintings, sculptures, installations, films, and architectural works.


When you want to enjoy the open air, plants, faunas, or watery scenery then the Central Park should be on your list. You can enjoy free walks through the park along with fresh air and panorama. It;s suggested to visit The Park in the afternoon as it the best place to spend it.

The newer park provided by New York city is the section 2 High Line Public Park which also attract many visitors during the last years.


If you want to enjoy good foods, Broadway Shows, crowded, and attractions, you need to visit Time Square. This will be the unforgotten moment as you need to take a pictures to perpetuate the experiences.

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