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The High Line

The high line refers to the former railroad tracks that run fairly high above the ground in New York City, giving spectacular views all around. It is located towards Manhattan’s west. This railroad has been transformed into a narrow but long park, creatively using the weed like plants that sprouted without much effort. These wild shrubs have been blended and trimmed along with other colorful seasonal flowering plants making for the beautiful ambience out here.

Its landscaping features include unique benches and railings on either side. The pathway in the middle, though narrow, is used everyday by many people for their morning walks. It can take almost 40 minutes or so to walk across this unique park, which in addition to such urban regeneration offers picturesque views of the Hudson River on one side, and the city’s skyscrapers on the other side.  Like some of the beautiful places in New York City, there are no fees for those who would like to walk on The High Line. There are vendors from the Chelsea Market area who sell food on the High Line, though normally you would want to come down and have wider choice either at Chelsea Market, or in the Meatpicking District. To top it all, there are Tai Chi and meditation lessons offered here, absolutely for free. All such features and attractions make this linear park a place worth a visit.

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