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Your Complete Guide to New York City’s Central Park

Central park provides 100s of unique places for families and solo explorer across its 843 acres, rambling waters, natural meadows, special bridges, gardens, educational facilities, show centers, and classical architecture.

Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge is one of the most filmed and photographed places in Central Park and it merits every big of its star status. Stretching 16 feet over the lake, it is not just one of the most amazing iron cast bridges in the globe, but also provides some of the most amazing views of the park around it.

Conservator water

This popular cement pond is favorite spot for children to operator small remote-controlled sailboats. It has been featured in films, photos and books. Nearby are Alice in Wonderland statue and Hans Christian Anderson, which is believed places for kids.

central-park-new-york-winter-activities-696x473 Your Complete Guide to New York City's Central Park


The central park zoo

The Tisch Children zoo and park zoo with wildlife conservation society central, here, just a few years from fifth Ave, you will find over one hundred and thirty species ranging from big polar Bears to the black tarantula from Brazil. A walk around zoo 5 plus acres will take you through a big range of habitats, all perfectly designed to recreate the natural atmosphere of the animals they house. The zoo is divided into 3 different sections which offer the animals with homes as near to their natural habitat as possible.

Bethesda Fountain

Bethesda Foundation raises top above Bethesda, Terrace, looking over the 100s of guests that come on a daily basis to enjoy the view of the lake and calm at the “heart” of central park.

Bethesda Terrace has long been one of the most famous meeting areas in Central Park and is also the most famous film set in the park. Movies such as “One Fine day”, “Home Alone II”, and “Ransom” have all utilized the lovely design architecture of the Terrace, along with the view of the Boathouse and Lake, as a backdrop for their cinematic

Central park Reservoir

Possibly the most loved real estate waterfront on the earth. At the middle of the park, now officially titled the Jacqueline KENNEDY Onassis Reservoir it covers a complete 1/8 of the park area. The 106 acre body of water is fourteen feet deep and grips over a billion gallon of water.

There are lots of other places to see in central park are the Imagine Mosaic, Conservatory Garden, The Carousel and  Belvedere Castle.

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