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Staten Island Ferry

There are a few things genuinely free in this world. Staten Island Ferry in New York City happens to be one of those. This free ride allows you to see the Statue of Liberty at reasonably close quarters. You also get to see Brooklyn and Manhattan from the Ferry instead of walking there. The views are certainly something to cherish.

The 25 minute ride begins at lower Manhattan’s Battery Park.  While traveling towards the island, the views towards the right would qualify as the best, showing the retreating skyline of New York City.  It is not necessary that you take the ferry back immediately. You could travel back on another ferry later or simply alight on the island and board a returning ferry.  There is a ferry every half an hour.

While returning from the island, it is the left side of the ferry you want to be on, if the Statue of Liberty is on your agenda. You should be at the terminal half an hour before the ferry leaves so make sure to confirm the departure timings.  There are eateries at both terminals, i.e., at St. George “Ferry” Terminal on Staten Island, and at Whitehall Terminal, Manhattan.

The Island has museums and art galleries, such as the Tibetan Museum, and Staten Island Museum. The Tibetian Museum showcases a personal collection of exquisite artifacts comprised of Tibetan figurines and objects. The Staten Island Museum on the other hand, holds more contemporary art, the oldest dating around 1905 or so.

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