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NYC General Trip Guide

Your first day in New York City could begin with “Washington State Park”, which is a well-known attraction. This is a shopping area, but with parks, restaurants, and cafeterias. You could then walk down to “The High Line” from here, passing through the picturesque Greenwich Village.

The High Line is a linear park along the former railroad track, beautifully landscaped. You can see mesmerizing views of the Hudson River on one side, and the tall buildings the city is famous for, on the other side of this raised track. There are ample places where you can eat around.

You might then leave for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The sheer size of this museum and its design are awe inspiring. The museum has over 2 million pieces of art, and these span across 5000 years! So this is a place for any art lover as well as a history fan, apart from being an architectural masterpiece.

The following morning, you could start at the Empire State Building. If you think views from the 16th floor were fantastic, wait until the 86th floor to be spell bound by the views from up there. A brief visit to Liberty Island is also suggested. Otherwise you could opt to travel to Coney Island, which has an amusement park and an aquarium.

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