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Metropolitan Museum and Time Square

The first thing that will impress you about The Metropolitan Museum is that you are not paying a hefty entrance fee.  Though the entry fee is $25, you can pay what you want or afford, and the staff in there do not discriminate. The collection inside is massive, from paintings to statues, swords to weaponry across time, heavy armors and jewellery boxes; you name it, they have it. To think that all those objects of art are hand crafted is awe inspiring. All the antiques and artefacts out here are beautifully arranged. Some of them blend into the ambience, or perhaps the right ambiance is created to position these works of art.

A day is simply not enough to check out all the artefacts in here. The only drawback is that it closes early, at around 5 pm, which means people would be asked to leave half way. It is unlikely that anybody would object too much after having feasted their eyes on such exquisite art works.  There are eateries inside the museum, which in itself is an architectural masterpiece.

Once you have to leave the Metropolitan Museum by 5pm, you should go to Time Square and finish that shopping for souvenirs and any other shopping you had in mind. This square seems to be busy all the time so it is great for those who love shopping sprees.

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