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The Empire State Building is one of the most amazing landmarks in a city. The tallest building in NYC has appeared in over ninety movies, and is the key piece of the New York City Skyline. The Empire State Building is also the key piece of any NYC vacation, so visitors should look to book a hotel nearby.

Empire state building history

The famous building construction was done in 1931, in the center of the Big Depression in NYC. At the time, the famous building grip the shroud as the tallest structure in the globe, crossing out the other buildings being built at the exact time in NYC: the Chrysler Building. The project contained 3,400 employees, made up of mostly Western immigrants, and 100s of Mohawk iron employees. The first use of the lights at the peak of the building were to signal to New York residents that Franklin Roosevelt President had won the presidential election in 1932.

Tallest building in the New York

The Empire State Building in NYC stands 1454 feet tall and is presently the ninth tallest building in the globe and the fourth tallest freestanding structure in USA. The New York monument has 132 stories, and was the initial building to every have more than hundred stories. The Empire State Building New York city was also named the seventh wonder of the globe by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The seventh world wonder has attracted 120 million visitors to its New York observatories. This is nearly 3.7 million guests a year. A artistic landmark as well as NYC attraction, the Empire state structure has been in more than ninety films, adding King Kong, Annie Hall and of course Northwest.

The Empire State Building 86th Observatory Floor provides some of the top 360 degree clear views of Manhattan and beyond – on a clear day you can view for almost sixty miles, with 5 states in view, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The Observatory has warmed, glass-enclosed area, which is bordered by an outdoor open-air terrace, furnished with high-power binoculars.

Visit during the day and view the NYC in all its glory or for more beautiful experience, visit at night and view the illuminated city sparkle.

The Empire State Building Observatory floor is open daily – shine or rain from 8am – 2am – with the final elevator going up at 1.30 am. Enjoy live music on most Saturday-Thursday evenings after 9pm.

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