Where to Eat Turkish Food in NYC

Turkish food is a big part of what makes Mediterranean cuisine unique. Every dish is packed with such rich flavors and fine taste that people often keep coming back for more. Even more, there are lots of enticing health advantages to eating this kind of food. It is time to learn more about how to make a healthy diet and where to eat Turkish food in NYC.

Best Turkish restaurants in New York

Sip Sak

Sip Sak provides a range of traditional Turkish dishes, from tasty eggplant moussaka to shish kebabs. Must taste the salad shepherd with feta cheese to begin off your meal. The Sip Sak also  show a big full bar offering both white and red wines.

Turkish Kitchen

The wonderful decor sets customers on path for exploring the most cultural Turkish cuisine. Customers favorites contain the staple foods: baba ghanoush and tangy hummus mixed with olive oil, onions, and a range of seasonings. Ensure to order the iskender kebab or falafel for a tasty dinner, and finish off the meal with keskul or baklava, or rich almond pudding made with milk.


Uskudar is a little restaurant that is a hit with Upper East Side families. The choice of appetizers contain favorites like ezme and hummus, a pepper salad and spicy tomato. The dish is Hunkar Begendi is definitely tasty,  having of lamb chunks cooked in house made tomato sauce and new herbs that is dish up on pureed eggplant. Dishes for dinner are also no burden on your pocket.

Papa Kebab

Papa Keba is inspired by both Persian and Turkish cuisines. For beginners, try the chill meze combo. Order the red lentil soup, a spicy mixture of carrots, red lentils, onions, mint and red pepper marash. For dinner, be sure to taste the Chicken Adana Kebab, served with a bulgur rice pilaf and house salad. Also, ask to sit in the resturant little dinning place outside if you want to catch a breeze on a hot day in New York city.

Taci Beyti

This is a family-run restaurant and nothing little of cozy and hot. Try the eggplant and tabuli with spicy tomato sauce for your chill appetizers, and then move onto a salad served new with a fine lemon dressing. The Taci Beyti also provides a range of adana dishes and shish kebas that come served with warm yogurt sauce and hot toasted bread. For desserts must taste the Kazandibi, a pan fried milk pudding dish up with a touch of cinnamon.

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