Dinner Restaurants in New York City to Go With Friends

New York city gives you some of the best restaurants in the globe. You get the priciest as well as the affordable meals in New York City. The restaurants in New York city open all the time were you can enjoy with your friends. You can enjoy your food late at night as having dinner early may sound strange, unless you have some other plan.

The celebs keep visiting some of these top restaurants in New York City as these restaurants serve the perfect cuisine and is the top hang out location. Some of such restaurants are:

Buddha Bar: From the moment you enter, you will be pleased. The help, the decoration, the services and most significantly the food are remarkable. It can be the top location to be with friends.

Gramercy Tavern: The Tavern can be the finest location to meander late at night. The wonderful food, comfortable services and the best martinis can be the top restaurant to have dinner with friends.

Lattanzi: This is a classy restaurant that serves food extremely similar to the house made stuff. It is forever very crowded, so it is advisable to book your table well in advance in order to ignore last minute hassle. The decoration is beautiful with top standard food.

Sapa: if your friend circle demands noise and fun, Sapa can be the top restaurant in NYC to visit. The dining room is forever crammed with new flowers. The steak frites offered by this restaurant is an remarkable cuisine.

Tao: it is the best restaurant for the people who love sea food. The drinks served are among the top and picked ones from all over the globe. The desserts like monster cookie overflowing with milk chocolate mousses can be a true treat.

Claro: Claro is a new Mexican restaurant in NYC, specializing in food from Oaxaca. The memelas and tlayudas, both of which are sort of like oversized tostadas and come topped with everything from heirloom tomatoes to bacon, are the highlights of the menu, and you can watch them being made at a large grill in the backyard.

Few more restaurants like  Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Rosa Mexicano and Tavern on the Green are also very popular. They serve the top cuisine with a best atmosphere to relax and enjoy with friends.

NYC is blessed with a lot of restaurants  that have its own special style to represents a classic decoration and leaves you missing a word as you enjoy the food which is oh, so delicious.

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