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Chrysler Building Review

The Chrysler Building is definitely most popular buildings in NYC and it maintains a leading attendance in the Manhattan skyline. It is often quoted as the classic American Art Deco structural design and look upon by many architects as the biggest building in NYC.


Construction on this building starts in 1928 September. Waller P. Chrysler visualized a business area for Chrysler Motors. So, in the mid-1920, Chrysler hired William Van Alen (architect) to draw up plans for his dream building.

The actual plans were planned by NYC officials and NYC planners. They called for a huge crystal-like crown on peak of the building as well as extremely ambitious bottom showroom. The showroom would have had huge windows that were topped by twelve complete stories that would have been encased in glass-wrapping. The technique was to make the building look as though it was floating on air.

Art Deco

The Chrysler building is one of the last skyscrapers in the style of Art Deco.  And the buildings Art Decoration interior is even more wonderful than its outer walls. The marble bases and lots of Art Decoration designs such as on the smart elevators doors make this building one of the NYC most wonderful office towers.

The building is held combine by nearly 3,826,000 bricks and 400,000 rivets. The bricks were all by hand laid only include the non-load posture walls of the building. This place has over three elevators linking all seventy seven floors. It has floor area of closely 1.2 million square feet.

Chrysler Building Lobby

The Chrysler building lobby is maybe the most expensive and ornate lobby in the full city. When walking in, the primary thing that hits you is the remarkable mural that covers the full ceiling. A tribute to the age of which it was made, it is packed with sharp angles, deco triangles, slightly curved lines, multitude of patterns and chrome detailing.

The lobby presents sights primarily of the employees that constructed the building, as well as honors to the age of flight and the airplane.

Current use

Today, the Chrysler building is owned by the Tishman Speyer and Investment council. It is initially an office building and has corporate headquarters of some big property and investment firms.

The Chrysler Building was the primary man-made structure to stand taller than one thousand feet. It stands at 1,048 feet top.

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