Celebrity Restaurants in New York City

Where do New York stars go out for dinner? That is the big question followers are seriously expecting for an answer to. While a common person will find it doubtful to be like their idols, they are allowed to eat and dine at the same restaurant where their celebrity’s eat. There is no law stopping them from doing so. Also, there is no law stopping the fans to stay and wait in restaurants where their stars would possibly be dinning.

One way of finding these restaurants where stars go is to find out what celebrities look for in a restaurant and research a particular restaurant that meets their stars taste. This method could be difficult but it is still effective. Another way of doing so is to only follow your admired superstar for twenty four hours and stay until he dines out for dinner. This is extremely hard to do and not easy. On the other hand, many media men and reports have been doing this and this is value a try if you truly are an avid fan. Also, one could also have a chance at meeting a star by searching for the top restaurant.  There is a best chance that these top-earning celebrities would only dine in first class restaurants.

Lion Restaurant

Among the celerity restaurants in NYC is the Lion Restaurant. In this place, stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, and Sarah Jessica have been spotted. Celebrities such as the above-described love this particular type of restaurant. They can relax here and free themselves from stress caused by endearing but sometimes irritating fans. In the clear contrast, they hate restaurants that are packed with people. While celebrities put themselves in the public extremely critical eyes and should realize that their profession calls for the same, a pretty peace would help them relax from their extremely demanding life.

The Lion restaurant provides the subtle peace that these celebrities want. The food in the Lion Restaurant in NYC cannot be overlooked, too. This restaurant provides more than just the general meal. Knowing that celebrities generally visit their location, the owner of the Lion Restaurant made it a point to offer dishes and cuisines suitable to their customer’s standards in life. While it can be disputed that the price of the food offered in this restaurant is very costly, none could argue the fact that this restaurant is one of the top options for celebrities to dine out.

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