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Bryant’s Park

This is a delightful place in the fast paced New York City that lets you catch your breath. It is, basically, a park, and not a very large one.  Though admission is free, it is well maintained, with lots of flowers and beautiful landscapes. There are food kiosks across the street, so you could find a bench and eat something in this park without a care in the world. A fountain releasing sparkling water adds to the beauty of this park, while filling you with a sense of calmness.

In the winter, this place gets transformed into a skating ground and becomes a favorite for many youngsters.  The ice rink has a pleasant cinnamon aroma around it. Around Christmas time, the Christmas lights around it add to the beauty of the park.

For voracious readers, this place offers privacy among strangers. They can bring their reading material here and read while enjoying the gentle breeze and fresh air. There is a free library as well. Local artisans are able to sell their products at competitive prices out here so you might want to check this one out if you are still looking for some souvenirs. Bryant’s Park is a sweet recreational spot which you should check out in New York.

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