Best Restaurants for Vegetarians in NYC

We have listed some of best favorite vegetarian friendly restaurants in the New York City, from fine dining palaces to casual sandwich spots. Some are meat-heavy with a few amazing meatless options, while others are fully vegetarian but have best enough food to satisfy even the most eager carnivore.

Cheap eats


With some of the extremely best falafel in town, it is simple to forget Taim is fully. Don’t miss the best vegetable salads, especially the carrot and red beet options.

Mumbai xpress

The chaat at this restaurant is value the visit to Glen Oaks, Queens, it is the top you will find in the New York, and some of the top NYC has to offer. Must taste the Tokri Chaat, a safe to eat bowl made of fried and grated potatoes packed with soft chickpeas, onion and tasty chickpea crackers.


With places in both the Williamsburg and East Village, Motorino is best choice for Neapolitan pizza in the city. The stunning Brussels sprout pizza also has pancetta, but the Margherita and vegetarian Marinara are great, too.

Bunna Cafe

An entirely vegan Ethiopian place with brighter, fresher, and more amazing versions of classics. They also do a traditional Ethiopian coffee  hot ceremony in the dining room throughout the day.


Bianca cost-friendly Italian menu has a range of vegetarian-friendly choices. The Lasagnette de Verdure specs soft layers of zucchini and eggplant and a best flavorful tomato sauce.

Paulie Gees

Pretty well any pizzeria can manage vegetarians,  but lacto-vegetarians are generally out of luck. Paulie Gee is a special story, charactering not only single vegan pie, but a full menu of them, all SE-verified.

Zizi Limona

Zizi Limona creative Middle Eastern menu specs versions of all the classic dishes you would not expect, vegetarian and not. The mad Baba, basically a hybrid of tirokaferi and baba ganoush, is indicative of the updated yet realistic Mediterranean food you will find here.


Palestinian Tanoreen  restaurant values both vegetables and meat. The Eggplant Napoleon – crispy fried eggplant layers with baba banoush creamy – is a definite winter.

Family Recipe

In USA, Japanese food have a propensity to mean sushi, but the reality is that Japan has a big tradition of Vegetarian cooking. This restaurant draws on this tradition to make Japanese inflected dishes that perfectly specs vegetables.

Moti Mahal Delux

Indian restaurants are generally vegetarian friendly, but few provide dishes as amazing as those at this restaurant.

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