Best Pizza Places to Visit in New York City

When it comes to Pizza, NYC takes the crown. Sorry Chicago, Sorry Italy, it’s no contest.  There are limitless numbers of pizza locations to try in New York and new gimmicks and restaurants are popping up all the time.

Some of the new pizza restaurants are my favorite and some old restaurants are still the best to taste.

Motorino, with 2 places serves a tasty genuine Neapolitan style pizza pie. The dough is cooked to excellence, on the fluffier side, and the mozzarella cheese is amazingly fresh. My favorite pie from here has to be Brussels springs with pancetta.

When it comes to coal oven pies, Lombardi is the best place to visit. Famous as the oldest pizzeria in NYC, Lombardi is to always pack with visitors. This is one location that is value the wait though. The pies are huge and have an authentic NYC style taste.

There are many arguments about the top slice in the city. A lot of people like Joe in the West Village, but I favor Bleecker Street Pizza. It is simple, clean slice that is on the crispier side. No shock the food network awarded this as the top slice in all of NYC.

If you don’t mind traveling for your pizza, then Brooklyn is a must visit place. Between Grimaldi, Lucali and Franny, Brooklyn is stacked with some of the top slices in all over the city.

A quick visit to Mezzaluna pizza will answer your heart’s desire. Wood brick ovens, a range of topping, and a staff coming to you straight from Italy, will have you and your flavor buds wanting more. Does your pizza need a pretty extra something? Stop in at ones of Rays Pizzeria places for that classic Neapolitan Pizza style you love, with a genuine New York kick.

What are your choices after such a wonderful meal? Pizza, definitely! With a range of pizzas being served in NYC is it any doubt that the dessert market is getting their well-known slice of the pie. Try Alla Nutella, Keste Pizza and Vino Pizza for a chocolaty treat.  To relax both your sweet tooth and your culinary critic, give pause for Scuderia’s, Con Nutella E Mascarpone Pizzetta, combing Nutella with mascarpone cheese offers for a special taste adventure sure to delight the senses.

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