The Best Desserts in NYC for $3

In NYC where a single cupcake can set you back 5 dollar, it is more vital than ever to keep in mind a basic point: Dessert does not have to be costly to be good.

This list below contains some staple low-priced eats, but also touches on sweets from top-end bakeries that generally charge high price. Want the perfect French pastry for cheaper than a croissant, or a simple snack from a decorated Daniel Boulud  place? These cost-friendly sweets are best introductions to the more pricey items at the city’s most renowned bakeries.

Triple C From Liddabit Sweets

The crunchy treat starts with toasted coconut combined into soft caramel, which is layered on a new butter cookie base that snaps clean on initial bite. The full deal is then dipped in dark chocolate that is just quite enough to stay the caramel in check when sticking in delicacy area. In simple words, everything best about a Twin but better, with coconut.

Double Chocolate Brownie From Sage General Store

This pretty brownie is so tasty, and comes loaded with such a deep, complex chocolate taste, that it could pass as the base for a plated dessert in a fine restaurant. It definitely belongs to the soft creamy candy school of brownies, with just ample taste to distinguish it from genuine fudge, and it draws its strength from an ample helping of Valrhona cholocate. This buttery number simply earns a location on the short list for top brownie in NYC, regardless of price.

Pâte de Fruit From Epicerie Boulud

Sometimes you only want a one cute bite, and in such examples, a buttery French pie is likely too much. That is why we like the super-focused tastes of pâte de fruit Epicerie Boulud’s. Each shaky square is just 2 or 3 bites, but those bites are filled with fruit taste made with not anything more than pectin, fruit juice and sugar. Taste offerings vary, but the orange-hued mango is light and tangy on the sweetness, and the raspberry has an elegant, precise tartness.

Spongecake From Kam Hing Coffee Shop

Fluffy, eggy, light as air clean cakes are all over the place in Chinatown, but for the top flavor of this hardly seen cute breakfast treat, you have to go to a slip of a storefront known as Kam Hing Coffee Shop.   There, the small cakes are forever fresh from the oven, so there is forever as they are hot, fragrant best, though take note: the shop begins to run out in the afternoon.

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