The Best Chinatown Restaurants in NYC

Chinatown dinning is a remarkable choice for guests to NYC. Manhattan Chinatown is a famous tourist place, with tasty, affordable restaurants, many of which can simply accommodate both families with children and groups.

One of the best ways to have a best meal in Chinatown is to discover what type of cuisine is the restaurant specialty. China is an huge country with a big range of various cuisines, and Chinatown is house to many restaurants from different locations of Asia, including Malaysia and Vietnam.

Best Chinatown restaurants in NYC

Amazing 66

Amazing 66 provides diners a cheerful and clean place among the turmoil of Chinatown for enjoying Cantonese standbys that are a score above average. There are lots of big, round tables making this a perfect choice for groups, but there is also a relax seating for little parties.

456 Restaurant

This restaurant is a wonderful choice for Staple Shanghai. Eggplant in garlic sauce filled a pretty spice and was as best as I have ever had, and the wide menu provides lots of other tasty options, including stars marking all the dishes advised by the New York times review.

Oriental Garden

Amazing Cantonese-style seafood dishes, as this is their specialty. Here, you can view the live fish that will soon become your dinner in lots of fish tanks throughout the restaurant. Stick with the new seafood dishes for the top meal here.

Wo Hop

Wo Hop is a best choice for late night Chinatown dining. Chow fun, Chop suey, and other typical Cantonese dishes are tasty  if a pretty greasy. Service is fast, and there is a steady stream of customers no issue where you dine. The walls are plastered with images of customers, some popular, but mostly not, providing you something to look at while you want for your food at this Subterranean restaurant.

The Good Sort

Next door to Tuxedo China is an extremely amazing vegan coffee place and they expert in wildly creative rice porridge aka congee dishes. With dishes like their congee breakfast (poached strawberries, blueberries, congee with maple granola), we can definitely say there is no location like it anywhere in NYC.

Xi’an Famous Foods

There is forever big line at this restaurant and they finally spread to a new, larger place with more seats down the block. You can still get real Northern Chinese tastes like their tasty lamb burgers and pulled noodles here but you would not be eating shoulder to shoulder with your fellow citizens.

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