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Amazing Things to Do and See in NYC’s Chinatown

The streets of NYC Chinatown are teeming with restaurants, bakeries, snack, shops, boutiques, templates, herbal pharmacies, bars, temples and nightclubs. For history lovers, informative museums, the gorgeous galleries, and landmarks within the community grip the American-Chinese experience and tell the story of the immigrant’s history, success and growth within NYC.


canal_61 Amazing Things to Do and See in NYC's Chinatown

Canal Street

NYC is a haven for style enthusiasts and fashion lovers, providing a limitless selection of chic boutiques and cool clothing steals. Anyway, for those who think they have seen it all, Canal Street, Chinatown provides a remarkable new shopping experience, with its outdoor bazaar feel, sellers willing to haggle and bargain, and an impossibly wide set of goods for sale.


canal_61 Amazing Things to Do and See in NYC's Chinatown

Columbus Park

The historically famous park placed in the heart of Chinatown is the perfect demonstration of the neighborhood top diversity and mingling of residents from all different environments and walks of life. The Columbus Park north side is reserved for Asian card players and mah-jongg masters. The park 3 acre sports facility contains volley ball, Astroturf field for soccer, impromptu baseball, as well as furnished playground with sprinkles.


canal_61 Amazing Things to Do and See in NYC's Chinatown

Chinatown ice-cream factory

The Chinatown ice cream factory is a family-owned business that includes a special twist to one of the America taste desserts by introducing new Chinese-influenced taste to this chill treat. Existing for over 3 decades and unfailingly pleasing customer’s sweet teeth and flavor for foreign treats. Almond cookie, made with Chinese almond cookies from the Fung Wong Bakery blended and soaked into a tasty ice cream, coconut, black sesame, ginger, coconut, green tea, taro, coconut fudge, durian and Zen butter. The Ice cream factory of Chinatown also makes customized ice cream cakes within a day notice, next to the Signature and Neapolitan Chinese ice cream cakes, which both have 3 layers of premium house made ice cream.


canal_61 Amazing Things to Do and See in NYC's Chinatown

Jing Fong

Jing Fong is NYC premier dim sum and old Cantonese banquet hall and restaurant, with over one hundred and twenty big circle tables and a lengthy escalator transporting diners to be big second floor eating room. Jog Fong extensive menu and scrumptious fare, which provides hundred dishes; attract big crowds eager for a flavor of Asia. From savory rice noodle rolls, big sheets of streamed rice noodles packed with bits of bits of pork, dried shrimp, beef or pork and rolled up into taste soy sauce, to fried hot rice packed with mushrooms, Chinese sausage, and peanuts.

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